Yoga For Athletes

Yoga and Sport seem like unusual combination. Sports is a competitive activity whereas yoga is a philosophy about a holistic was of leading one’s life. However they have a common ground and yoga can play a crucial role in enhancing the performance of players.

Yoga not only amplifies performance of players also contributes to his overall well being as a human being. Yoga as a science gives a distinctive understanding of how to adjust the body to the demands of the mind and vice versa.

The practice of yoga converts  talent into genius. Also, a sport person knows that success cannot last for eternity and yoga builds the mental courage to withstand failure, clarity to identify its cause and solutions to retool and re tune the body and the mind to overcome these shortcoming.

A sport is supposed to add spirit to life. Is to be enjoyed both by players and spectators, but the competitive nature of sports and its commercialization often put a tremendous pressure on players.

Yoga can help athletes in less tension, being more effective in the application of energy, breaking the resistance of every joint and coordination of all motion into one motion.


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