Special package offer options

kick start plan promotion.

10 sessions for 500$

(buy after free consultation)

Option 1 (Learning the fundamentals)

  • Plan consist on Assessments, 2 massages, and 6 personal sessions of training or yoga to learn the basics.

Option 2 (massage focus plan)

  • Plan consist on Assessments, 4 massages and specific streches and activation techniques for specific areas ( Neck, Shoulders, Hips, Back. Knees, ankles)

Option 3 ( personal plan focus)

  • Plan consist on Assessments, !0 personal training or yoga hours + a progressive plan for 3 months to continue by yourself after.

Option 4 ( choose your combination)

  • after assesment, you choose how you want to disrtibute the hours between massage, personal training, yoga, footvoley and sport psycology.
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