Private Training

Private Training
Personal Training is personalized soccer training and is focused on helping our players grow into exceptional players on/off the field.
Improve the following:
  • Technique, First Touch
  • Passing, Shooting, Dribbling, Heading, 1v1 defending & attacking, Corner Kicks, Free-Kicks
  • Confidence, Decision Making, Field Communication
  • Overall Fitness – Speed / Balance / Stamina/ Agility/ Coordination / Quick feet
  • Weak Foot
  • Tactical
  • Goal Keeping

1 private training session

1 one hour private lesson.



One 1.5 hour session

1.5 hour one on one training session



One 2 hour private training session

2 hour one on one training session



5 private training sessions package

5 one on one sessions, $25 discount with the package



10 private training session package PLUS ONE FREE SESSION!

11 sessions total


Booking options also available in person, feel free to contact me by phone (call or text) : (954) 534- 1289 or email :

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