Group Training

We provide Group & Team trainings for all ages and all skills levels
We will travel out to you and take over the training session to work
on everything your team needs, anything from:
  • Technical Training
  • Fitness Training
  • Tactical Training​
Personal Training & GK Training
1 Player                                         $60
2 Players                                       $45 per player
3-4 Players                                    $35 per player
Group & Team Training
5 players                                        $25 per player
6-9 Players                                     $20 per player
Team (10+)                                     $12 per player/ session (1.5 hrs)

One group training session (2 players)

$25 group lesson for you if you bring one friend who will pay full price ($45)


One group training session (3-4 players)

$20 group lesson if you bring at least 2 friends who will pay full price ($35/player)!



*Please contact us to set up group and team training of groups 5+ players so that we can best accommodate your needs! *

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